About Gail...Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...Mwahahahahahaha - Gail Gates

I’m not a formally trained artist. But I see, feel, and nurture the curiosity that is intrinsic to my being. And that, unapologetically, becomes my art.

It’s not always tidy or pretty or fundamentally correct, but it is born of a free spirit. Now, in midlife, I’m playing with my camera instead of doing the laundry.  It’s as though I’ve been given new eyes after years of seeing to the needs of others.

 It was hard to give myself permission to follow my heart at this stage of life, but I am doing it. Giving back…to both myself and to others...is my guiding mantra.

My website is http://www.agingschmaging.com. I hope you sneak over for a peek at my blog musings on women and life in "the second half." 

Exploring Creativity...

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